Wheel Balancing – Vibration Issues

Vibration Issues

Vibration issues can be some of the hardest to detect. You have had a new set of tyres, the wheels have been standard balanced, but still there is still a vibration.

All tyres have some differences in uniformity in the stiffness of the sidewall and/or footprint due to the variables in the manufacturing process. So when a tyre rolls on the road, it flexes (as if made of springs) and when the tyre rolls onto a stiffer section of the tyre, a lump or bump gives a vibration input. It is this irregularity or Road Force Variation (RFV) that causes the vibration.

How can I get a smoother ride?

For new cars, tyre uniformity is measured in assembly plants and manufacturing facilities, where they ensure the wheel and tyre assemblies are matched to provide the smoothest of ride for that ‘new vehicle feel’.

Here at Christchurch Tyres we have a specialist Hunter Road Force Balancer. This Road Force Balancer uses a ‘Road Roller’ to perform a computer simulated road test, isolating and measuring the exact cause of wheel-related vibration.

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